Saucehouse barbeque attracted customers and satisfied tastebuds at Athfest 2019.

Our fifth time at Athfest could not have gone better. Maybe it was the smell of barbeque cooking, the sight of our nine unique sauces, or the sound of friendly customer service that made the Saucehouse stand “the place to be.” People lined up and enjoyed good company while waiting for a heaping serving of our freshly pulled pork and chopped chicken. 

At AthFest, we were able to meet some good-hearted, barbeque-loving folks from all over Georgia. Some had never heard of Saucehouse before!

We loved getting the opportunity to share the Saucehouse story with our new customers at AthFest. We also invited those that don’t live in Athens to drive into town and experience our restaurant for themselves. 

AthFest proved that good barbecue brings people together – even if they live outside of Athens. At Saucehouse, we strive to combine different communities, friendly faces, music, drinks and excellent barbeque under one roof. 

To all of our customers at AthFest, thank you for your business. We appreciate y’all so much and hope to see you at our restaurant soon. And trust us – no matter where you are coming from – the drive will be well worth it!

For more information about Saucehouse at Athfest, go to the Red & Black’s article!

How far is your trek to Saucehouse? Comment how far you have driven to our restaurant so you were able to enjoy our housemade BBQ!

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