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locally owned and operated by a UGA Alum


At Saucehouse, we believe in offering 4 main things. They are:

Outstanding, Freshly Made Food

We pride ourselves in the time and energy we put into our food. Everything from our meats to our homemade sauces is carefully and deliberately made to meet the highest standards and best quality around. “Made from Scratch tastes best!”

Excellent Customer Service

Our standards for staff are no different from those for our food: we want the best. Period. We expect our employees to go above and beyond to make sure every guest has an amazing experience upon each visit.

A Fair Price For Our Food

Great food shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. At Saucehouse, we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy good BBQ, which is why we try to give our customers the biggest bang for their buck. You will not leave hungry!

A Great Authentic BBQ Environment For Everyone

Our restaurant provides rustic southern charm in a family-friendly setting that’s perfect for any gathering!



Saucehouse BBQ was founded by local Bulldawg, Christopher Belk in 2013. Belk struck ground on the restaurant while still in school and working full-time in restaurant sales.
Traveling the country and working in restaurants is what led Christopher to create this unique bbq concept… bringing different regions of BBQ under one house….The Saucehouse!
From Christopher’s mouth to your ears, “I want Saucehouse to be a fun concept for our guests where they can try different types of sauces and styles of BBQ from all over the country!”
Christopher also believes in creating a great work environment for his employees and making them feel appreciated for working hard as a team!
Since its inception, Saucehouse has grown to be a popular BBQ Restaurant, a great catering option for large groups of hungry people in Athens and Atlanta, a fun Bar with outside seating and beer garden!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          In 2022 we finished our newest project, a wedding and events venue located right next door to Saucehouse called, The Venue on Broad. Our new venue can hold up to 500 guests!
We would love to see you and have you as our customer! We hope you learn even more about our BBQ at your next visit to our restaurant!
We continue to strive for excellent customer service whether it is at our location or a catered event at your location!

BBQ CATERING IN athens, ga

Saucehouse started catering the Athens area in 2013 two years before the restaurant opened in 2015.  Often seen as a catering company with a restaurant, our main focus is to bring the Saucehouse experience to you if you can’t come to us!

If you have never tried our food before and are planning an event then make sure to give our catering staff a call and let them know you are coming!  We would be happy to take you through our Food Line and sit down with you to help you plan your big catering event! Catering is available 7 days a week!

Please call: 1-888-978-7948 (Office hours are M-F 9am-5pm)


Email: [email protected]

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